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Table-Salt Podcast Bob Fox is an emerging author of spiritual warfare fiction. Angel 24 is the author’s second book on the 1607 Jamestown Colony. In 2001, he wrote a biblical and historical analysis of the colony which is called Healing America’s Soul. That history book is the basis for Angel 24. Since the mid-90’s, Bob has been involved in helping his region get ready for revival by helping pastors and ministry leaders pray and work together in Hampton Roads, Virginia which includes Jamestown. He believes the Lord commissioned him to write this book and the previous history book to awaken Christians to the power of repentance for personal and corporate sins that will help heal America according to II Chronicles 7:14. Authoring a book on Britain’s Virginia Colony in Jamestown seems so appropriate for Bob’s background. He has dual citizenship in America and in Great Britain. His American father was a WWII soldier who met his Scottish mother in London in 1946. Bob was later born in Scotland. Soon afterward, like all the British Jamestown colonists, Bob emigrated and sailed to America on a ship. Since 1986, Bob and his wife, Beth, have lived within an hour of Jamestown, Virginia. They have been married for over 50 years and raised four godly children who are now parents to their thirteen wonderful grandchildren. From childhood, Bob always wanted to be a missionary. But right after college in 1969, he became a Vietnam-era Marine Corps photo recon pilot, flying F-4B jets. Since 1978, he has served mainly as a pastor of churches across America, as well as a database manager, reserve Navy Chaplain, painting contractor and international shipper of humanitarian goods. He recently retired as a pastor and now helps local pastors get ready for a global Great Awakening while working on a sequel to Angel 24, tentatively called Dark Harvest. Along the way, Bob earned a BA in History from George Mason University and a Masters of Divinity in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. But, if you really want to know this author, Bob would tell you that ever since he was a young boy, his greatest treasure and his greatest pleasure was being an adopted child of God (Romans 8:15-16, Ephesians 1:4-5). His greatest burden is to help others become a child of the Father through faith in Jesus. The author can be contacted at: For a free digital gift from the author, email to: More info at Facebook: Facebook Messenger: Book website: Bob's Hampton Roads Ministry Directory: Bob's personal blog:

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